Rumors about Nikon D800 and Nikon D4

Many people expected that at Photokina Nikon will announce a successor of its popular FX camera D700. Surprisingly at least by now in 2010 Nikon did not launch any FX body. Now on Nikon Rumors website there are talking about the probably launch of a Nikon D800 in 2011 with 24MP sensor, new AF system, HD video, etc, as well a D4 with only 16MP but similar ISO performance like D3s and 11 fps… I do not know how reliable are these rumors but for sure 2011 will bring at least a very performing FX body from Nikon. Apart of this I’m still begging for an FX camera with a smaller form body… eventually with a retro look like FM3A to be used for street and travel photography.

4 comments on “Rumors about Nikon D800 and Nikon D4
  1. I predict that the D800 Body will NOT be announced before Summer 2011 and I also predict that it will be outdated by Canons soon arriving 5D MK III.

    D800 should have been out in Spring 2010, Nikon you are sleeping and you lost at least me to Canon for this.

    • Swaine, Canon sucks! Every day canonistas awake up and move to the dark side. Whenever we will have D800 or whatever name will have it will surely wipe down with any C… camera!

  2. Se avremo la D4 e la D800 a settembre/ottobre allora è meglio affidarsi a Canon.
    Sonno anni che è uscita la 5DII e Nikon proroga ancora?
    Che cosa ci fa rimanere al capezzale di Nikon? Ci da forse da mangiare?

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